Adjustable Solid and Hollow Screw Jack Base for Scaffolding System

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The application of jack base: It is used with steel pipes and scaffolds in the construction process to adjust the height of scaffolds and pipe structure, balance supporting weights, and load-bearing. It is most used in the construction process of concrete pouring of construction. With the rapid development of real estate and three-dimensional transportation in recent years, the amount of roof support has also made rapid progress. Our Base Jack Details Picturesbase jack 9 base jack 1   Classification of construction jacks: 1. According to the part used, it can be divided into top support and bottom support ① The upper support is used on the upper end of the steel pipe, the chassis is at the upper end, and the chassis has hemming; ②The bottom support is used at the lower end of the steel pipe in the construction of the construction project, the chassis is at the lower part, and the chassis can not be folded; 2. According to the material of the screw, it can be divided into two types: hollow jack and solid jack. The lead screw of the hollow jack is made of thick-walled steel pipe, which is lighter; the solid jack is made of round steel, which is heavier. 3. According to whether it has wheels or not, it can be divided into: ordinary top support and leg wheel top support. The wheeled jacks are generally galvanized and are used in the lower part of the movable scaffold to facilitate the promotion of the construction process; ordinary jacks are used in the construction of engineering buildings to support stability. 4. According to the production process of the screw, the solid jack can be divided into hot-rolled screw and cold-rolled screw. The hot-rolled screw has a beautiful appearance and slightly higher cost; the cold-rolled screw has a less beautiful appearance and has a slightly lower cost. The configuration of the screw for construction, the production process of the manufacturers in various places are similar, the configuration is different, and the configuration can be distinguished from five aspects: 1) Chassis: The thickness and size of the chassis are different in different regions and manufacturers. 2) Reinforcing ribs: Whether there are reinforcing ribs in the connecting part of the screw rod and the chassis, generally according to the requirements of the project, the longer top supports of the screw are directly equipped with reinforcing ribs, and the shorter bottom supports are rarely equipped. 3) The length of the screw is generally from 40 to 70, and the thickness of the screw is generally φ28, φ30, φ32, φ34, φ38mm. 4) There are two production processes for adjusting nuts equipped with support: iron castings and stamping forming parts. Nuts Each type of adjusting nut has a light or heavy size. There are two kinds of nut shapes: bowl nut and wing screw   Packing: base jack 3        base jack 5   Our Workshop Machines: base jack   微信图片_2020090816143323   微信图片_2020090816143328   Container Loading Pictures 微信图片_20191122113615    微信图片_20191122113606    

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