48.3 60 Standard ledger diagonal ringlock scaffolding layher scaffolding

Item: Ringlock Scaffolding (also called layher scaffolding) Spec. : 48.3mm series and 60mm series, Material: Vertical Standard Q355, Horizotnal Legder Q235, Diagonal Q195 Surface treatment:Hot Dip Galvanized, or Painted We are manufacturer and exporter from China We also do OEM according to customer requirement

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48.3 / 60 ringlock scaffolding (also called layher scaffolding) Application: scaffold support for construction Main components: Standard, ledger, diagonal Pipe Diameter: 48.3mm, 60mm Rosette: thickness 10mm or 12mm,   Our Ringlock Details: ringlock8   Ringlock-11 At the construction site, as the external wall support, the temporary structure used for loading, stacking and construction work is erected. Ringlock scaffolding has become an indispensable construction tool. Ringlock scaffolding is an upgraded product after the cuplock scaffolding. It is also called layher scaffolding. The six advantages of ringlock scaffolding, knowing three, you won't think it is expensive. 1. Multifunctional One is that it can be erected on any uneven slope and stepped foundation; the other is that it can support stepped formwork, which can be dismantled early; the third is that it can be used to dismantle part of the support frame early, and it can be erected with passages and canopy and flying wings; It can cooperate with the erection of climbing scaffolding, movable workbenches, and outer racks to achieve various functional support functions; fifth, it can be used as storage shelves, which can be used to set up various stages, advertising engineering supports, etc. 2. Less structure The basic structure and special components make the system adaptable to various structural buildings; it is only composed of vertical pipe, horizontal pipe, and diagonal brace. Thevertical pipe, horizontal pipe, and diagonal brace are all made in the factory. 3. Economical, The product is highly economical, more convenient and faster to use: in use, you only need to insert the plugs at both ends of the ledger into the corresponding taper holes on the vertical pipe, and then tap it tightly. The quality of lap joints cannot be achieved by traditional scaffolding. 4. High carrying capacity Large carrying capacity. The vertical pipe transmit force axially, so that the scaffold is in three-dimensional space, has high structural strength, good overall stability, and the rosette has reliable axial shear resistance, and the axes of various pipe intersect at a point, and the number of connecting ledgers is larger than that of cuplocks. And the overall stability strength is increased by 20% than cuplock scaffolding. 5. Safe and reliable Safe and reliable. Use independent wedges to intersperse with self-locking mechanism. Due to interlocking and gravity, even if the bolt is not tightened, the ledger plug cannot be removed. The plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked by pressing the pin or unplugged for disassembly. In addition, the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, which improves the bending strength of the steel pipe and ensures that the pillar does not work when the two are combined. There will be skew. 6. Good overall benefits The overall benefit is good. The component series are standardized, which is convenient for transportation and management. There are no scattered and easy to lose components, low loss, and low investment in later stages. After looking at the six advantages of ringlock scaffolding, you can see it's the best buy. It has a long service life and virtually reduces the construction cost.     About our company:   We are a company specialized Formwork and Scaffolding passed ISO9001 and ISO 14000 system certifications. Our products are certificated by CE, RoHS, GS and UL in China, with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, and 15 years of export experience to South East Asia(Indonesia, Philipine, Singapore,Vietnam etc.) , Middle East (UAE, QUATAR, TURKEY etc.), Africa (Ghana, Uganda, Niger, South africa), South America (Chile, Peru), Japan, UK.   Our Ringlock Certificate: certificate ringlock   Our Workshop: ringlock workshop   FAQ: [Q]:What is your production capacity? 300 metric tons per day [Q]:How long is your delivery time? Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 7-30 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity. [Q]:Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ? Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.      

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